Infusion 12 of “who knows”

I really want to scream!

My 12th chemo infusion was supposed to be the last, to be immediately followed by a few weeks of radiation to eliminate what was left of the 3 tumors in my liver. And then I would be monitored.

That was until my oncologist announced that he wanted the radiation to be followed by another 6 months of the same chemo.  To maximize the chances of eliminating those damn tumors. He calls this the “whack ’em all” approach.

So, while there is still hope that I be put into long term remission, I am really discouraged at the thought of 12 more chemo sessions.

I was so looking forward to get a break from chemo.

On a more positive note, my mother is doing better.


12 thoughts on “Infusion 12 of “who knows””

  1. Cher Philippe,
    Quel parcours et quel courage, tu es admirable et j’espère que bientôt tu auras un très très long break.
    Je suis contente que Maman aille mieux. Je vais m’organiser pour aller la voir.
    Je t’envoie de gros bisous et pleins de pensées positives.

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  2. Cher Pépito ,
    Merci pour ses nouvelles de toi , de ta maman .
    Continue a prendre soin de toi , bientôt ce sera plus qu’un mauvais souvenir .
    Je sais la souffrance ne s’oublie pas , je te souhaite beaucoup de courage et a tres bientôt
    Je t’envoie de gros bisous

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  3. Sending you reassuring thoughts. I am so sorry that the tunnel with the light just got longer, but know that there are people all around rooting for you. xoxo

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  4. Jiao! I agree that news sucks. Right now I am looking outside the office window. The wind is blowing strongly moving the branches of these palm trees. They sway. They have just become still, just now.

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  5. Hello Philippe,
    Que tu es impressionnant, quel courage.
    Je suis content de lire que ta maman va mieux, triste de lire qu’on te conseille 6. Mois de traitement supplémentaire.
    Mais l’objectif est fort attrayant
    Je suis en pensée avec toi

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